Thanks for a great conference, and to everyone who made UCCSC 2014 possible. Presentations and recordings will be posted soon. See you next year in Riverside!

UC Computing Services Conference Who Did All This Work?

UCCSC 2014 was predominantly a volunteer effort. Many, many people gave their time when they had little to spare. These people made the conference possible.

UCCSC 2014 Planning Committee Working Groups (WG)

Core WG

Name Role  
Edel Alon  

Courtney Anderson Marketing WG Chair

Joe Bengfort CIO, ex officio

Mark Bering Ambassador

Kristan Beynon Sponsors WG Chair, Ambassador Emerita

Jane Callaghan Ambassador (we missed you, Janie!)
Andrés Elenes  

John Kealy Sessions WG Chair, Ambassador Emeritus

Rebecca Nguyen Volunteers WG Chair, Ambassador Emerita

Alvin Ozawa Visitors WG Chair, Ambassador Emeritus

Cliff Sacks Venue WG Chair

Pranathi Sundaram  

Erik Wieland Co-chair

Jane Wong Co-chair


Marketing WG

Name Role
Edel Alon Swag
Courtney Anderson WG Chair
Brian Auerbach Communications
Richard Baker Website
Beth Berrean Graphics
Lael DasGupta Graphics
Colin Fahrion Website
Karen Gehrman Communications
Jon Johnson Website
John Kealy  
Gail Persily Swag


Sessions WG

Name Role
Anirvan Chatterjee  
John Kealy WG Chair, Ambassador Emeritus
Chandler Mayfield  
Pranathi Sundaram  
Rich Trott  


Sponsors WG

Name Role
Kristan Beynon WG Chair, Ambassador Emerita
Owen Buckvar  
Kevin Dale  
Brad Dispensa  
Dan Freeman  
Marlon Lee  
Bryce Leong  
Julia Wallace  


Venue WG

Name Role
Mark Bering Ambassador
Luke Hones  
Gail Lee  
Cliff Sacks WG Chair


Visitors WG

Name Role
Ed Chen  
Shelby Dantzler  
Jann Fong  
Alvin Ozawa WG Chair, Ambassador Emeritus
Danni Pugeda  


Volunteers WG

Nancy Buenaventura  
Jane Callaghan Ambassador
Michael Chauss  
Jade Chin  
Andrés Elenes  
Hendrik Kupfernagel  
Margo Manser  
Rebecca Nguyen WG Chair, Ambassador Emerita
Andrew Riley  



  • Angel Abrego
  • Edel Alon
  • Jesse Anderson
  • Courtney Anderson
  • Brian Auerbach
  • Richard Baker
  • Tony Balestreri
  • Al Bedrosian
  • Mark Bering
  • Kristan Beynon
  • Owen Buckvar
  • Nancy Buenaventura
  • Maggie Cabrera
  • David Carcamo
  • Ka Chang
  • Desmond Chargualaf
  • Michael Chauss
  • Ed Chen
  • Tom Chen
  • Jade Chin
  • Kristin Chu
  • Terrie Coleman
  • Julie Cox
  • Kevin Dale
  • Shelby Dantzler
  • Adam Daum
  • Eric Davila
  • Erica DeMarco
  • Lynn Duncan
  • Armanda Edwards-Newman
  • Andrés Elenes
  • Colin Fahrion
  • Sylvie Faisant
  • Jannelle Fong
  • Daniel Freeman
  • Karen Gehrman
  • Michael Groff
  • Shawn Hall
  • Audrey Hatten-Milholin
  • Nancy He
  • Elizabeth Hirose
  • Margaret Hom
  • Michael Kearns
  • Becky Kuang
  • Hendrik Kupfernagel
  • Lalit Lakshmanan
  • Marlon Lee
  • Nelson Lee
  • Jason Lin
  • Eric Liu
  • Marc Lowe
  • Andrew Luey
  • Paul Ma
  • Siddharth Mahapatra
  • Barb Maher
  • Nicolé Mandel
  • Margo Manser
  • Andrei Mattes
  • Patricia McConihe
  • Rita McCue
  • Sadie McFarlane
  • Rodney Medina
  • George Meng
  • David Ng
  • Alvin Ozawa
  • Gail Persily
  • Lawrence Phillips
  • Danni Pugeda
  • Swarnim Ranjitkar
  • Andrew Riley
  • Nicholas Roznovsky
  • Cliff Sacks
  • May Seto
  • Jody Shafer
  • Francine Sneddon
  • Anastasio Somarriba
  • Peter Stampfer
  • Vishnu Stickney
  • Peter Storey
  • Pranathi Sundaram
  • Maria Tam
  • Linda Tan
  • Sara Tao
  • Fenny Teng
  • Stefan Topfstedt
  • Jerry Tung
  • Deborah Valle
  • Mario Valle
  • Jennifer Vo
  • Julia Wallace
  • Susan Weigle
  • Erik Wieland
  • Jeri Witt
  • Jane Wong
  • Eunice Woo
  • Mukesh Yadav
  • Wesley Yip


The UCCSC 2014 team worked with some incredible partners. We would recommend these people to anyone!


Name Company
Judy Flannery UCSF Documents & Media
Paige Buck and Blair Roe Kennedy Events
Steve Shorette Moffitt Catering @UCSF
Cee Cee Shin and Lily Wong UCSF Millberry Union Conference Center
Noel Baronia UCSF Classroom Scheduling